Andro Testosterone Supplement

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Andro Shock
andro testosterone supplement
The Best Andro Stack Supplement

All new Andro Shock is an androgenic supplement formula designed to act as a hormone booster that can help increase natural testosterone levels in men.

Andro Shock's combined ingredients could potentially raise your levels of testosterone, lower estrogen, increase your sex drive, and help you increase muscle mass and burn off your body fat - all without the use of illegal steroids!

Every serving that you take contains the ten following powerful ingredients:

350 mg. Tribulus Terrestris - Long believed to raise testosterone levels and increase libido.

300 mg. Nettle Extract - Said to help boost testosterone by preventing it from converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

250 mg. Muira Puama - A majority of men using it have reported increased sex drives.

200 mg. Saw Palmetto - Used by many to prevent hair loss and may also help to prevent testosterone from becoming inactive.

150 mg. Chrysin - Commonly used as a bodybuilding supplement to raise testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

100 mg. Tongkat Ali - Considered to be a type of "homegrown Viagra," according to Malaysian locals.

100 mg. DHEA - New evidence suggests that this naturally occurring "Neurosteroid," may be linked to increased levels of testosterone in men.

100 mg Avena Sativa - Many claim it has aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting qualities.

30 mg. Zinc Sulphate - Known to support testosterone production because zinc deficiency will lead to low t levels.

30mg. Beta-Sitosterol - Used to help keep the prostate healthy and may also raise free testosterone levels.

That's one powerful all-in-one testosterone support stack, try it today and see what Andro-Shock can do for you!

Also if you order right away you will get a FREE Maximum Testosterone Workout and Diet Plan!

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