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Arm Muscle Workout

Arm Training to Make You Armed and Dangerous

Along with getting a big chest, most people who start weight training want big arms. If you ask someone to show you their muscles they will usually roll up their sleeve and flex their bicep. But what most people fail to realize is that the tricep muscle; the horsehoe shape muscle on the back of your arm makes up two thirds of the arm. To get big arms you need to train all the muscles of the arms, biceps, triceps, brachialis, forearm flexors and extensors.

Below is an effective arm routine that allows you to train arms on a separate day. This will allow you to train them with the uttermost intensity while using heavy weight. Make sure to stay within 4-6 reps, lows reps and heavy weights is most effective for muscle growth. If you train arms by themselves, make sure to space rest days between arm day and your back and chest workouts, when your arms are worked as secondary muscles.


Alternate Dumbell Curls - 3 sets
Straight Barbell Curls -2 sets


Reverse Curls - 2 sets
Wrist Curls - 2 sets


Lying Tricep Extensions - 2 sets
Cable Pushdowns - 2 sets

"To get big arms you need to get big all over. Don't neglect other bodyparts."

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