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Bodybuilding Spicy Foods

Spicy Food is Good for Bodybuilding

Hot Stuff, Hot Nutrition News!

Do you like hot and spicy foods?, but have fallen to believe the myths that hot foods is hard on your stomach and give you ulcers. No, this is not an ant-acid commercial this is an article suggesting you sprinkle on some Tabasco sauce or add some hot peppers to your favorite foods. I personally love hot foods and I eat hot peppers straight from the jar..mmmmmm

The ingredients in hot peppers and spicy foods causes a mild thermogenic response in your body. A thermogenic is something that raises your body temperature enough to burn extra calories. That's why sometimes you actually sweat when eating hot foods. Hot peppers for example burns up more calories in your body to digest them than is actually in the peppers themselves. These foods burn calories on a small scale compared to your daily diet but by adding them whenever you can your mouth won't be the only thing burning!

"Fats contain 9 calories per gram, Carbs and Protein- 4 calories per gram"

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