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Design Your Own Workout Plan

How to Customize Your Own Bodybuilding Workout Program

No single workout program will suit everyone. In most cases, new bodybuilders find that the workout programs in the muscle magazines not working very well, here I mean those programs cannot help your muscles to build to the maximum potential. However, I am not saying that those programs in the magazines are nonsense, in fact, the format (layout) is quite worth it! After you find a program that you are comfortable with, you may try to make some adjustment to suit your need.

1) Avoid putting stress on injured bodypart(s). Do not follow a program, for instance, which works your shoulders to death as it were your command if you have problem working on your shoulders. Risking your health is not part of the game in bodybuilding. Try to minimize or even eliminate the exercises you are not comfortable with (I mean, of course, the ones you CANNOT do, not the ones you don't want to do!).

2) Attack weakest part first. Workout the underdeveloped bodypart when you are strongest, that is, the beginning of each workout session. In this way, you can do one to two more sets with heavier weights to really break down the muscle tissues in order to build big. However, don't over exhaust yourself by working only the target muscle or you will sacrifice your whole workout session to it.

3) Work from large muscle group to small. Large muscle groups like, legs, back and chest need relatively heavy weights to work out. In fact, when you perform exercises attacking those big muscles, you also work out some of your smaller muscle groups. For example, bench press works the chest as the primary muscle group and the shoulders and triceps as the secondary muscle groups. You don't want to exhaust your triceps before performing bench press, unless you want to attack triceps as weakest part. In this case, you should do other exercises, which do not involve triceps, before doing bench press to give your triceps some rest. In fact, this will bring your triceps to a total exhaustion.

4) Pre-exhaustion. This means that training some muscles will also work (pre-exhaust) other supportive muscles. This is the case with the back (which also affects the biceps and forearms) and the chest (which also fatigues the shoulders and triceps. Once these smaller muscles are pre-exhausted, less effort is then required to stimulate growth.

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