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Different Types of Protein

Different proteins, whats the difference?

Protein is the number one determining factor in the muscle growth process, providing you train hard and let your muscles recover. This is because muscles are protein and to build and repair those muscle you need lots of protein. Sounds simple. But with all the different kinds of protein, which is best to use? Here are the different types of protein and what you should know.

Whey Protein Isolate (93% protein)- This is the most pure and bioavailable grade of whey protein. Its broken down into tiny bio-peptide fractions that enter the blood stream quickly and provides nitrogen retention the quickest. Contains very little lactose. Best used when your muscles need protein fast such as post-workout. Usually the most expensive.

Whey Protein Concentrate (80% protein)- WPC consists of a protein blend of mostly whey protein concentrate, ion-exchanged whey and some isolate. Consisting mostly of concentrate this type of whey usually contains fillers such as lactose and flavorings. The whey also digests rather quickly and is usually found in those 5lb tubs in your local health food store. WPC can be compared to regular gasoline as opposed to Supreme gasoline (whey isolate). You get what you pay for.

Soy protein Isolate (86% protein)- Soy protein is not the most popular protein but it does have its benefits, especially for women. Soy is high in glutamine which is definitley your muscles friend. Its also contains isoflavones, which is benefical to women in regulating flucuating estrogen levels. Everyone knows what being around women is like when their estrogen and hormone balance is off. :-0

Casein (80% protein)- Casein protein (the byproduct of cheese)certainly loss its appeal when whey protein hit the market. It was undermined due to its slow digestion and clotting properties in the stomach. But these characteristics do have their benefits as well. Casein is found in most meal replacement drinks because its designed to mirror a solid food meal where digestion is slow. This allows for a slow and steady stream of protein to be delivered to the muscles to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Good choice for protein before bed.

So with the above information on proteins you can choose the right proteins at the right times for fresh new muscle growth...

"Aim to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day"

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