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What Exercises Work What Muscles

Weight Training Exercises by Muscle Groups

It is very important to define the involved muscle group(s) in performing an exercise to get the best out of the workout. Isolating a muscle group is a key to success. A typical counterexample is chin-up. Some people build huge arms by doing chin-up which is an exercise designed to attack the back muscles. It is just because their biceps get worked harder by chin-ups than by regular biceps exercises. This may sound good to some of you but you would never build good balanced back muscle by performing the exercises wrong.

exercises mainly works also works
Barbell Curl Biceps Forearms
Bench Press Chest Triceps, front shoulders
Chin-up Back (width) Biceps, forearms, shoulders
Crunch Upper abs
Dead-lift Lower Back
Leg raise Lower abs
Military Press Shoulders
Pullover Serratus Chest, Back
Rowing Back (thickness) Biceps, forearms
Squats Legs Butt
Shrugs Trapezius, neck Shoulders
Triceps Kickback Triceps
Upright Rowing Trapezius, shoulders
Zottman Curl Biceps, Forearms

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