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Hardgainer Muscle Building Tips

How to Gain Muscle Mass for Hardgainers

To tell you the truth, not many people are lucky enough to born with the so-called "genetic gift". However, as I observe, most of those lucky guys are not only easy to gain muscles but also fat as well. In this article, I want to focus on talking how to build to your potential and even beyond that.

Remember, hard gainers are like a 1,600cc Honda Civic and those big guys are like a 5,000cc Ford Mustang. No matter how much you invest in a Civic, you are not going to give dust to a well built Mustang. But don't be discouraged by this, you will still be an outstanding Civic in your peer group!!

This is quite a big project. But there are only three basic elements you need to keep in mind:

EAT BIG - Try to eat more! Imagine building a house, you need bricks, logs, glass, etc. Protein is the solid bricks for building muscles, carbohydrate is logs and other nutrition are also essential to build a strong, healthy body. Keep that in mind! Eat 3 big meals and 3 snacks in between meals per day, snack is something like a serving of protein drinks, bananas, canned tuna or tofu. Drink lots of water to help digestion. Minimize fat intake, but not eliminate it! Your body needs fat to lubricate joints and other bodyparts like eyes.

TRAIN HARD - Training is like a home builder planing what to build and where to build. Training won't build you up! Training only stresses your muscles and signals them to grow. Over training will do you no good. Imagine you keep telling your men to build you a high rise while the material you provide only enough to build a hut. Balance is also important. A man will look big not only by his 18 inch arms, but also his wide torso and elephant legs. Try to work your Chest on Mondays, Legs on Wednesday, Back on Fridays. One body part per session is ideal for hard gainers. In fact, this workout will also work your arm muscles as well, so you don't need separate exercises to work out your arms to slow down your progress.

SLEEP WELL - Resting is the time to building muscle! Here is the same thing as the men are building the house while the boss is out there playing golf or riding in a convertible. You don't like your boss to be around while you are working, right? Same theory applies here! Minimize your athletic activities as much as possible. This is to say, save your energy to workout and build muscles. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, and if possible take a short nap in the afternoon, (after lunch or before workout).

One more thing, if you have any bad habit, quit it. Especially SMOKING! Cigarettes smoking will decrease your appetite, and of course, can kill you!

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