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Bodybuilding How To Increase Your Bench Press

The ultimate goal of gym goers and body builders at all levels is to build and sculpt a strong, well balanced physique.Often seen as the exercise to boast about, the Bench Press is an exercise that we all strive to impress with.Just wanting to be able to press heavy weight isnít the answer to building well-formed chest.Technique and the correct training is key to getting that killer chest we often see in the movies and music videos.This article will help to unravel the art of the bench press and how you can increase your chest size and strength.



The bench press, one of the most respected and popular exercises, is a muscle endurance and expansion exercise achieved by pressing varying amounts of weight upwards usually from a supine position. It is well known for building chest, shoulder and arm muscles, as well as other connected abdominal muscles both anterior and posterior. It has been proven that no other exercise is capable of strengthening as many muscles at once as the bench press. This makes it a frequently done exercise with varying degrees of results, which raises a vital question: How do you increase your core strength and consequently increase your bench press?

It is every manís nightmare to hit the gym confidently only to be overcome by the weight of bench pressing. The humiliation makes many guys give up or stop pushing when it comes to exercising using the bench press. Thankfully, many theories have been advanced to support different ways suggested to increase someoneís bench press, but according to research and relevant surveys, it has been proven that the following activities will increase your bench press strength.

Slow But Sure

Depending on your volume of training, any exercise fanatic knows that slowly but sure is always the way to go.When starting out with the bench press start with small amounts of weight as you move up the ladder. The human body does not understand drastic changes and it needs time to adjust. Therefore for increased strength and effective muscle growth with minimal wear and tear, start with smaller weights the consequently increase your overall size and strength. This will no doubt give you room to build your bench press prowess and increase your core strength to great measures.

Know Your Weaknesses

Any person who frequently does bench press knows that there are always muscles in your body which are weaker; muscles that donít grow in endurance and size as fast as others. To increase your core strength and bench pressing capabilities, work on such weaknesses. Common bodily weaknesses noticed by body builders and trainers include: the bottom weakness where you struggle at the bottom while lifting the weight; this requires strengthening of the shoulders and the middle weakness which occurs while having lifted the weight but before placing it on the barbell and requires strengthening of the triceps.

Have a Routine

Renowned body builder, governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger once said I bench press for longer hours than you, I have a routine. This proved to the whole world that for consistent muscle growth and expansion, one needs to have a routine for bench pressing. It is further advisable for those who want to increase their core strength and improve their bench pressing abilities to do short episodes of bench pressing consistently than have one long session where you bench press for hours. Doing short episodes will increase your bench pressing ability more than long sessions as the muscles will have no room for wear and tear but consistent building and expansion.

Monitor Your Progress

To understand exactly what youíre doing in the gym, you need to see progress. Ensure when you bench press you do not stagnate in a specific stage for long periods of time. Monitoring your progress in terms of endurance and growth is key to ensure you are doing nothing wrong. In case of reversed progress, you can review your bench pressing schedule and see what youíre doing wrong.

So for those already in the world of bench pressing or those wanting to join, itís plain and simple: if you want to improve your overall core strength and increase your bench press, follow these simple instructions.

About the Author

Ultimately training techniques will vary from one trainer to the next, but itís ensure youíre working the full extension of each muscle consistently to make sure youíre getting the most from your workout.Kevin Hodges has an aim to spread the word of health and fitness as far as he possibly can.Sharing the knowledge heís gained over years of training.


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