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Leg Muscles Workout

Leg training for legs like tree trunks

Legs are by far the biggest muscle group with the most muscle fibers in your body. From your adductors to your quads to your hamstrings and calves, these muscles are designed for edurance and power. Everyone seems to have a love-hate relationship with training legs. This is because it is the most demanding bodypart to train. It takes the most mental and physcial energy to blast through a hard and heavy leg workout. This also makes a good leg workout that much more rewarding.

Below I have devised a leg routine that will pack on muscle in the shortest amount of time. This routine is designed to be the only body part in quads,hamstrings, calves workout. There are two different leg routines that are to be used in a two week cycle. Week 1 you complete the first routine, and Week 2 you complete the second routine. This allows you to hit the leg muscles with a variety of exercises but at the same time keeping with the basic movements to build size and strength.


Barbell Squats
Leg Press
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Quad Extension
Standing Calf Raise


Barbell Squats
Hack Squats
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Quad Extension
Seated Calf Raise

"Squats work not only the legs but also the rest of your body"

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