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Why I Love Bodybuilding/Working Out

For The Love Of Training, My Passion for Training

I have a passion for bodybuilding. Its not because I am into showing off my muscles or bragging about how much I can lift but because I simply love to train; I thrive to strain against the impossible. I relish the blood, sweat and sometimes even tears on those hard sets. I enjoy the sound of iron weights, the cry's of anguish, the grimacing faces, and the gasps for air on the last and final rep. I get as excited the night before a workout than a child on Christmas Eve, then the morning's workout is my Christmas morning. That might sound ridiculous but that's the truth. The truth is what most people avoid in their training. People in the gym will say "I don't want to do that exercise, its hard!". If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Muscles are tough and they won't grow easily. You have to make them adapt and grow by subjecting them to intense weight training. That's just the way it is.

Building muscle isn't easy. But having the guts to dig down deep and put all your mental and physical energy into winning the battle with the weights is a rare quality. Few have it, because it takes too much work to get it; and fewer don't even understand it.

As a bodybuilder, it's not the fact that you train or just go through the motions, its how you train. By simply following a routine day in and day out, it don't equal progress. Gaining muscle is only accomplished by these three methods:

1. Heavier weight

2. More explosive lift

3. Tighter and more focused contraction

"Learn to love the hard exercises, they are the most productive"

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