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Build muscle with MAX-OT

Maximum Overload Training

MAX-OT training is a training system developed by AST Sports Science. This is one of the most reputable supplement companies in the industry. Mainly because it is much more than a "supplement" company. They are a research and training facility that is on the cutting edge in the world of sports nutrition. Their supplements are of the highest quality and are damn effective.

MAX-OT is based upon how muscles respond from training. It goes against the grain of how most people think and train, but it coincides with the biological process of how a muscle grows. A muscle grows only when it is subjected to more overload than it is used to. Overload is the key word. It means the combination of applying heavy enough weight to train in the 4-6 rep range. In order to get bigger you have to stronger. This should be your goal every workout if possible.

The most efficient way to build muscle is to train INTENSE. If you are training as intense as you should, you should only need 2-3 sets per exercise and 2-3 exercises per muscle group. Combine this with heavy training in the 4-6 rep range and you are providing your muscles with the most efficient stimulus to grow.

I have been training this way for the last 8 months and have put on 12lbs of muscle and I am lifting poundage's I never thought possible! The first thing you will find when following MAX-OT, is how quickly you get stronger, and you know what happens when you get stronger.

"4-6 reps, 2-3 sets."

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