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Motivation for Muscle Building

Mental Motivation, Mind over Matter

When asked what is the strongest muscle in the body, most people will probably say your glutes or your back. But we all have a muscle that is stronger than anything we flex in the gym. Its our brain, the central nervous center of our entire body that instructs pretty much every movement and process that keeps us alive. It also is the total driving force behind every muscular contraction when training in the gym.

So when looking to crank up the intensity in the gym, make sure to use that muscle to focus and concentrate on every set you do. I always prepare my mind the night before a workout. I visualize myself strong and energized performing each exercise that I will do on that day. Then by the next morning I am fired up and ready for some intense training.

Diet also plays an important role in your mental performance. Your brain uses glucose for energy and is made up of many essential fatty acids. Also, many thermogenics on the market aid in the mind-muscle connection through ingredients such as caffeine, ephedra, aminos such as L-Tyrosine and L-Phenlalanine all contribute to mental focus and adrenaline production. Reading is also great exercise for your brain which means your brain is getting a workout right now...

"Training intense is just as much mental as physical."

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