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Rest and Recovery for Muscle Building

Give it a Rest

In the muscle building equation rest and recovery is just as important as training and nutrition if not more. This is because when you are resting is when your muscles are actually repairing and growing. When you train, you break down muscle tissue. When you eat, you are replenishing the nutrients your body needs.

Most people train way too much with too much volume. But to build muscle more is not better. I find the best routine for me is to have a day off after every training session. This not only gives your body a complete day of rest between workouts but also gives your mind and nervous system a full day to recover from intense training. Because when your training heavy it is difficult to train when any part of your body is sore. You need to be fully recovered to handle heavy weights during compound movements.

Making sure you get enough sleep is also very important. During sleep, especially deep sleep when your are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and dreaming is when you growth hormones levels are at their highest. A protein shake before bed and a good nights sleep will do wonders for recovering from those intense workouts.

Now give it a rest...

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