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Stretching for Muscle Growth

Stretching Techniques

Stretching is something that should be a must in your weight training program if you plan on longevity in the sport. You should always stretch before as well as during and after exercise. One thing you must not do is stretch a cold muscle! Also you shouldn't bounce when you stretch, ease into the movement and hold.

Before your workout its best to warmup by performing all the basic movement, deadlifts, shoulder presses, good mornings, rows with a light bar or a broomstick. This allows blood into your muscles and warms them up for the stretching to follow. Now that the muscles are warm, perform some basic stretches for the entire body, not just the ones to be worked on that day. Stretching during and after exercise allows your muscles an optimal contraction and aids in the removal of lactic acid and greater oxygen uptake.

"Proper warm-up and stretching aids in injury prevention."

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