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Shoulder Muscle Workout

Shoulder training to build boulders for shoulders

Below I have devised a shoulder routine that will pack on muscle through heavy basic shoulder exercises. This routine is designed to be the second bodypart in a chest, shoulders, triceps workout. There are two different chest routines that are to be used in a two week cycle. Week 1 you complete the first routine, and Week 2 you complete the second routine. This allows you to hit the deltoids with a variety of exercises but at the same time keeping with the basic movements for the chest.

You might look at this routine and say thats not enough to build big shoulders. Its not how much you do, its how intense you do it and how heavy you do it. Remember that shoulders get worked in almost every other exercise that you do, so they don't need alot of volume. There is no direct front delt work because they get enough work from heavy bench presses and incline presses. Working them after chest also makes sure that they are warmed up to hit the heavy weight. Make sure to stay within 4-6 reps, lows reps and heavy weights is most effective for muscle growth.


Seated Barbell Press (Front)- 3 sets
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise- 2 sets


Seated Dumbbell Press- 3 sets

Bent Over Dumbbell Raise- 2 sets

"Make sure to warm-up and stretch the shoulders before training to prevent injury."

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