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Squats vs Leg Extensions

Squats or Leg Extensions and Leg Curls

If your goal is to add mass to your lower body, there is no better choice than squats. Squats work your front thighs (quadriceps) as the primary muscle groups and the muscles from your butt to your ankles as the secondary muscle groups.

Beginners should include squats in their very first workout program since squats give you not only mass in the legs but also power and strengh of the whole body. In addition, squats will help you to learn balance. Squats come in a number of varieties. I suggest beginners to stick with the most basic one. In fact, the basic squat is the most favorite and popular legs exercise among experienced trainees.

As to leg extensions and leg curls, they will fine tone your leg muscles rather than add mass. When you perform leg extensions, try the following variations:

Toes straight, toes in and toes out. You will feel, and even see, the difference in the part of the quadriceps come into play! Toes straight leg extension works the entire quadriceps; toes in leg extension works the inner thighs and the entire quadriceps; toes out leg extension works the entire quadriceps while concentrating on the outer thighs. For serious bodybuilders, squats, leg extensions and leg curls are all essential exercises to build a pair of huge and defined legs.

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