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Thermogenics ECA Stack Review

Turn up the heat with thermogenics

Thermogenics are supplements that increase energy and internal body heat. This speeds up your metabolism which makes your body burn more calories and thus more bodyfat. These are probably one of the most popular supplements because they are pretty inexpensive and deliver a good bang for your buck, and they do deliver a bang.

The first themogene of its kind was the common ECA stack which consists of ephedrene, caffeine and aspirin. This combo delivered increased energy, increased heartbeat and helped to burn fat. Today the market is flooded with thermogenics is pill form, powders and drinks.

Today most thermogenes still contain ephedra and caffeine because of the effectivness of these ingredients. But, some also have additional ingredients to aid in mental focus and adrenaline transport. These supplements are great to turn up the intensity in the gym and to help burn bodyfat, but be cautious. Do not take anymore than the recommended dose of these products . Taking excessive amounts can result in heart attack, stroke, seizure or death.

"Follow directions on all supplement labels."

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