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Do I Need a Training Partner

Training with or without one, that is the question

Should you train alone, or with a partner. That is a common dilemma among most bodybuilders. Both forms of training have their pros and cons.

For most people starting out in their first year or so I would say that a training partner is not that necessary. Mainly because you are just starting to get used to the movements and how your body reacts to training. This way you begin to build a base both mentally and physically while learning the correct movements. When first starting to train you also will not be applying the intensity or using heavy amounts of weight opposed to a advanced trainer. You will have to leave your ego at the door and accept steady progressive strength gains.

After a couple years of consistent training when you have build a basic foundation of strength and muscle mass, a training partner could help push you to new levels of growth. Only train with someone who has similar training goals and is self-motivated to train. Don't let him or her depend on you for motivation and vice versa. Make sure they don't push you to abuse forced reps and use weight that is too heavy. In order to get the maximum benefit from a training partner make sure you understand each others goals during each set and rep. With the proper support and a good spot a training partner can give you the security and confidence to hit it heavy...

"A good spotter applies just enough pressure to the bar to keep the weight moving through its range of motion."

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