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Weightlifting Terms

Basic Weight Training Terminology for Beginners

Repetition (Rep) = A movement of taking the weights from the starting position to the finishing position by contracting the involved muscles group. Don't be too happy when you see a schedule using fewer reps than others, that means you have to lift heavier weights! (see Rep Scale)

Repetition Scale = Treat the scale as 1-25 reps: 1 rep builds strength; whereas 25-rep builds muscle definition and endurance. Therefore 8-12 rep system is so popular since it builds muscle mass and all other elements mentioned.

Set = A number of reps of the same movement done with no rest or a minimum of rest.

Exercise = This means a number of sets done with 30-90 seconds of rest and go for another exercise.

Curl = A movement of "pulling" weights towards yourself by arms or legs.

Press = A movement of "pushing" weights away yourself by arms or legs.

Bi-set,Tri-set,giant-set = Two, three or more exercises for the same body part done with no rest in between. The rest would only come at the end of one compound set. A typical bi-set will involve exercises working the same muscle group but attack it with different manner like chinup/rowing.

Super-set = Combining two different body-part exercises together to form one compound set. A typical super-set will involve opposite muscle groups like biceps/triceps and chest/back.

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