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Increasing Workout Intensity

How to Increase Your Workout Intensity

The Outer Limits, Up The Intensity!

1. Increase The Weight - This should be your number one training concern when trying to build muscle, it is simply the most efficient way to overload the muscle. You have to overload the muscle with a certain weight, it then adapts itself with the proper rest and nutrition by getting bigger and stronger in order to handle heavier weight. Then when that certain weight gets lighter you add a little bit more weight, in turn ,continuing the gradual process of muscle growth. You won't be able to increase the weight every workout, but your body will tell you when its time to move up. On those days that the weights feel like a ton and you can't move up in weight, you still have another method of training intensity to fall back on.

2. Increase The Reps - This method can be used when increasing the weight is not yet an option. Use a slightly lighter weight in order to complete enough reps to fatigue the muscle. This is not as efficient and requires more volume than increasing the weight but it still get the job done.

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