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Keeping a Workout Journal

Record your workouts, on the record...

Keeping a log book to record your workouts, sets and reps is a great way to chart your progress. In order to keep building muscle you need to be constantly adding a little more weight each workout or going for an extra rep. As you get stronger you will get bigger.

You can use a simple notebook if you like or you can buy a workout log in your local bookstore. The advantages with the ones you buy are you only need to right in the exercise in the appropriate column and the weight your using along with the number of reps you complete. They also usually have heart rate charts, muscles of the body diagrams and a comments section after every workout which allows you to track your biorythms (how you are feeling). I have one from MuscleMag International called "No Pain, No Gain". It has everything mentioned above plus more. It can be found at your local bookstore.

"In order to build muscle you have to get stronger before you get bigger."

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